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Anne's House of Dreams

For years she had imagined a home just like this. In a neighborhood such as this. A warm and comforting place, with space enough for everybody's dreams. It was a house that existed only in her fantasies until two companies: Expert Group and Apna Sapna, Joined hands to make it a reality.

She walks into each room, touches each wall gently. Feels the solidity under her hands. The charming nooks and corners. The large windows looking out on the Flower Garden. The excellent cross ventilation that brings in plenty of sunlight and breeze into her home. The delightful window seat where she can curl up with her favorite book. The thoughtful touches that even she had overlooked.

The superb quality of construction, the neat finish, the attention to the smallest detail... all these have lifted her home from the ordinary.

She has seen the envious looks as friends admired the innovative use of space and then their sheer amazement, when they discovered how little it had cost her to get the dream home designed and built to her exacting standards!

As she returns from work everyday, drives the short distance between office and home, turns into the wide, tree-lined roads of the private world called Vasundhara, smiles at like-minded neighbors, shares a joke with the little kids enjoying themselves in the Kids Play Area and looks at the Name Board displaying her name, she feels a great sense of pride and satisfaction. And she sends up a silent, grateful prayer for her dream home in Vasundhara.

Far from the Madding Crowd

He had always hated crowds. And closed spaces. And traffic jams. And the noise and pollution of city life. He had always yearned for a place where he could be away from all these irritants and annoyances that made everyday seem a hopeless struggle. And he found it in Vasundhara.

He has realized that living close to office has many advantages, besides saying goodbye to traffic jams and long commutes. The best part is the way the hours seem to have stretched to help him pack much more into every single day. Starting with a game of Tennis every morning. Or for a change, trying his hand at Badminton. A quick shower and its off to the lovely Swimming Pool for some serious swimming. A leisurely breakfast with his family. Some time with his dog. Catching up with international news... and all this before leaving for work!

Come evening, as his colleagues are still miles away from home, he is already showered, changed and playing caroms with his little princess in the Clubhouse. Sometimes he takes her to feed carrots to the rabbits in the Mini Forest. And sometimes, he joins the neighbors' kids in the Football Ground for a fun-filled game or two.

He has no worries about his little princess too, as she wanders around happily in the safe and protected environment of Vasundhara. The Compound Wall with single point entry and 24 hour Security gives him peace-of-mind. And as he sees his daughter flourishing in the clean, green environs of Vasundhara, he is glad that he has made his home here.

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