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Chikmagalur Resorts

Chikmagalur Resorts - Chikmagalur Homestays

chikmagalur homestay

Just 250 kms from Bangalore - but light years away from the pollution and the irritants of modern city life- lies the calm, serene town of Chikmagalur. The only traffic you’ll probably encounter here is a rush of butterflies or a flock of birds chattering merrily. Put up your feet and listen to the song of the breeze or the music of the many cascades that dot this scenic landscape.

Chikmagalur, with its wider city region, has a wealth of world-class attractions, visitor centres and natural wonders. We have more hills and waterfalls than any district in Karnataka. And chikmagalur homestays offer continual potential for days out that can recharge, refresh and reinforce energy.

For more information visit  www.apnasapnarecharge.com

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