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Beautiful Kerala the and Its Top Tourist Attractions


Kerala is located in south west of India. This is one of the must visit tour destinations in India. If you are thinking which destination you want to visit and explore, Kerala tops the lists and is truly a place where you enjoy yourself. Now one question comes in your mind that why only Kerala, as India has many incredible destinations for vacations. So this destination offers you all in a bucket which make your tour delightful. It is also known as ‘God’s own country’ which has many magnificent attractions which attracts you robotically. This destination offers you picturesque view of beauty of nature, Lush tropical coconut trees, outstanding beaches, greenery hill stations, exotic wildlife sanctuaries and beautiful backwaters. Backwater is main attraction of Kerala, which attract number of tourists visit here to enjoy backwaters.

Kerala has such a destination for vacation where you can see endless attraction.

On every step you will get some new attraction which is sheer wonders. Some of the attractions are listed below are the major attractions to explore on Kerala tours.

Beautiful backwaters
Backwaters are main attraction of Kerala, who visit Kerala no one can miss to take experience of backwaters. This is such beautiful attraction which tempts many people from all over the world. Rippling on backwater is the best experience of your life. From backwater you will see all beauty of nature which you will never sees from other place. From here you can see beautiful waterfall, dark forests, water animals, slowly flowing seawater, picturesque view of beauty and much more.

These beautiful features increasing beauty of backwaters and is best place for spend time with your dear ones around the seawater. There are some places where you can enjoy ripple backwaters include Kannur, Kasargod, Kozhikode, Kollam, Kottayam and etc… This spot helps you to make lovable unforgettable memories.

Exotic wildlife sanctuaries
Kerala is also perfect destination who wants enjoy wildlife in their tour destination and this destination offers you exotic wildlife sanctuaries. You can closely see many wild animals which will be very hard to belief. Some animals are tigers, herons, elephant, beer, leopards and other wild animals. Apart from wild animals you can see forests, waterfall, and quiet flow river. This spot is amazingly arranged by nature where your heart loves to take pictures. Truly, Kerala packages will offers you the beguiling exotic wildlife sanctuaries and truly offer you on your wonderful vacation.

Incredible beaches
Beaches are one of the finest attractions in Kerala. These beaches are full of scenic beauty, calm, quiet and tropical atmosphere. Here you feel like time is stop in own place and gives you abundance time to spend with some one special. Beaches are surrounded by golden sand, tropical vegetation and long blue sea. There are some famous beaches like Cherai beach, Bekal beach, Thirumullavaram beach and some other beaches. After visit at these beaches your heart never allows you to go other place.

Apart from these attractions Kerala is also known for its lush greenery hill stations where you can see all attractions like rivers, waterfall, forests, wild animals and much more. Kerala is not only known for its spots, it is also known for its amazing rich culture heritage, fairs, festivals and handicraft. All these incredible attractions and features here are very worth to Kerala tourism packages.

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